The Jean Grove Trust supports four schools in Ethiopia, in different parts of the country.

Our longest-standing connection is with the Blessed G Michael School in the large town of  Bahir Dar, on the shores of Lake Tana.  We pay for some or all of the books, clothing, food and fees for 145 of the poorest children – if they wish to, these children should be able to study all the way up to university entrance on site, and their funding will follow them.

We support a primary and secondary school at Zalambessa and a kindergarten at Dawhan in the arid northern territory, close to the disputed border with Eritrea and the region so notoriously struck by famine in the 1970s and 1980s. Here we help the schools with individual capital sums to solve particular problems.

Most recently we have begun to support a new kindergarten and primary school at Zizencho in Guraghe, a comparatively green and fertile region south-west of Addis, which is nonetheless poor and very isolated. Here, as at Bahir Dar, we aim to support 100 or more pupils with all of their costs and enable them to make their way right through the school. At the moment we are able to support only 30 on an ongoing basis, and we are looking for donors willing to commit a small sum annually to allow us to increase this number.

You can click on the individual schools to find out more about them, about our relationship with them, and to see images of the schools and surrounding landscape.